Helloo! I'm Sophie and I'm a self-taught illustrator/artist based in Somerset, England, specialising in 'professional doodling'. Having always been an avid doodler I decided to take my doodling to the next level in 2016.


Most of my work stems from nature and the patterns that surround us in day-to-day life, be it animals, leaves, flowers or sea life. I find natural symmetry and geometry fascinating.

I am happy to take on most forms of commissions, and would love to help if you think I may be the person for you! This can range from tattoo designs and greeting cards, to larger pieces of art on canvas or paper, suitable as gifts for loved ones or indeed yourself. Drop me a line and we can have a chat if you're interested.


When I'm not doodling, you can often find me eating good food and watching travel vlogs. 




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